Firearm Sales

Here at Reloaderz NJ, all of our firearm sales associates are trained industry professionals who will be able to assist you in your firearm search. We currently have over 300 guns for sale, and price all of our firearms competitively with online gun sales.  As part of our “premier shooting range experience” you can take part in a personal gunfitting session with one of our firearm concierges. We will take you into the shooting range with a few firearms, find the best fit for you, and assist you in completing your purchase. See an associate for details.  In the rare case we are unable to provide you with the firearm you love, we do accept incoming transfers. Before transferring a firearm to our facility you must speak with an associate. Reloaderz NJ will not accept any transfers that we have not been informed of. New Jersey requires all handguns purchased out-of-state or online, to be transferred to a dealer in New Jersey holding an FFL.


10:00 am – 8:00 pm | Everyday

FFL Transfers

FFL TRANSFERS are ONLY processed Monday through Friday including; receiving, NICS input, disposition, etc. 

**Effective immediately we will no longer be accepting AERO PRECISION transfers. Reloaderz NJ prides itself as being the top AERO dealer in NJ, we have all of the options available at lower prices. Please contact us for more information regarding our selection of AERO products. This applies to members and non-members.

Transfers are $0 for Members and $100 for non-members. In addition is the state mandated $15 NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) fee. All outgoing transfers are $100 plus the cost of shipping and handling. Customer must provide all proper packaging. If packaging is not provided, there will be an additional fee. There is NO WARRANTY on transferred firearms. We encourage you to check with Reloaderz NJ first to see if we can obtain a firearm for you at the same or close to the same price. A $25 storage fee will be charged for every seven (7) days any firearm  is held after notification.  All incoming transfers must come from a valid FFL.

Our Transfer Fee

Incoming & Outgoing FFL Transfer Fee


Member Transfer Fee

(2) FREE per year included with Membership Only valid for Premier or VIP Members. ``Year`` shall be defined as contract year.

Transferring a Firearm to Reloaderz NJ

  • Complete a “Incoming FFL Transfer” form online.
  • An associate will contact the place of purchase to request a copy of their FFL. Once we receive this, we will send the customer an email confirmation.
  • Once the firearm is in our possession we will ensure it complies with all New Jersey State gun laws. If NJ compliance work needs to be completed you will be informed of the estimate before the start of the work.
  • WE WILL CONTACT YOU WHEN YOUR TRANSFER IS READY FOR PICKUP. Make sure to bring your Firearm Purchaser Identification Card, valid drivers license, and if applicable your pistol permit. All addresses must match or we will not be able to complete the transfer.
  • Lastly, you will be required to complete the NICS background check and successfully complete a 4473.

    Gunsmithing & Cleaning

    Reloaderz NJ can provide you with all your gunsmith needs. Our state-of-the-art workshop is staffed with qualified, friendly personnel who are committed to provide you with exceptional service. Our gunsmith is highly trained to work on your rifle, handgun or shotgun.

    A clean firearm is a safe and dependable firearm. Whether you rely on your firearm for work, hunting, defense, competition, or leisure, Reloaderz NJ offers extensive cleaning options as well as ultrasonic firearm cleaning.


    Please send any questions to ARMORER@RELOADERZNJ.COM

    First Hour

    • Each addition 30-minutes will be billed $40

    Magazine NJ Compliance



    Ultrasonic Cleaning


    Deep Hand Clean

    Long gun

    Ultrasonic Cleaning

    Long gun

    Deep Hand Clean

    Slide Machining

    • We offer slide cuts and serrations and laser engraving for your custom needs.


    • We offer cerakote for all your needs in custom colors, designs, and camo patterns.

    Laser Engraving & Stippling

    • We offer full laser engraving services for your handguns, rifle, shotguns, magazines, and various accessories.


    Reloaderz NJ offers trigger customization for Glocks, Sig Sauer, H&K, Smith and Wesson, as well as most common handguns. Our extensive accessory inventory includes triggers from manufacturers like Zev Tech, Apex Triggers, and CMC. For those seeking customization for their tactical or concealed carry, look no further than Reloaderz NJ.


    Reloaderz NJ carries a wide variety of all major brands including SIG SAUER, Trijcon, EOtech, HOLOSON, and Burris. Reloaderz NJ is also capable of special ordering any other optic you may like.


    plus MANY MORE

    RELOADERZ NJ - New Jersey's Premier Indoor Firing Range