About Us

Our Mission

It is the mission of Reloaderz NJ to provide our customers a premier indoor shooting range experience – delivering a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for everyone to have enjoyable experiences with firearms through recreational shooting. We strive to improve their knowledge, familiarity and comfort as well as safety with their own firearms through both classroom education and hands-on instruction. We apply these same high standards to become a leading responsible firearms retailer.

Our company will only employ professionals who possess the passion, knowledge, and desire to deliver on our promise to provide a responsible, customer-friendly experience. We have succeeded by blending state-of-the-industry technology with consistently high levels of safety and security. Above all, our success depends upon every employee being customer-oriented; greeting our guests in a pleasant and professional manner, and by consistently providing a safe, clean and comfortable facility for all.

-The Reloaderz NJ Team


Cheryl Nylen | CEO



Shawn Crowley | CFO



Michael Nylen | COO


Meet the Owners

When CEO Cheryl Nylen and her husband, Per, were presented with the idea of building a new indoor firing range by her son Michael, and his friend Shawn Crowley, they were intrigued – After all, Nylen and Crowley had the training and passion for firearms. They set out to accurately identify a need for SAFER range options in the Northern New Jersey area. With that, Reloaderz NJ was born.

The team contracted with construction leader Donnelly Construction in Wayne, NJ and industry expert Action Target™ from Provo, Utah. From that early roadmap, the team began a two-year process of research, studying, networking, designing and building what has become a first class, state-of-the-industry indoor shooting range.

After visiting many of the nation’s leading-edge facilities, the team applied the best of the best to create a completely unique, upscale indoor firing range that Northern New Jersey has never seen.

The rest of our staff is comprised with seasoned industry professionals. Many of our Range Safety Officers have military or law enforcement background. The instructors for Reloaderz University follow nationally recognized safety protocols and techniques used by competition shooters everyday.

The result is a range that encourages millennial’s, women and first-time shooters who always wanted to try out the sport but felt intimidated or uncomfortable. At the same time, we provide an upscale, premier experience that is both exciting and attractive enough for the skilled enthusiast. In the end we’ve built a professional, welcoming, and upscale facility that is like nothing New Jersey has seen before.

RELOADERZ NJ - New Jersey's Premier Indoor Firing Range