Can someone who is only observing enter the range?

Yes! If you have someone who would like to join you inside the range as an observer, they will need to complete our safety waiver just like you did during your first visit.  As an alternative Reloaderz NJ also offers observation windows in our lobby with a great view of our lanes.

Are you open to the public?

Yes, everyone is welcome to shoot with us, no matter your membership status.  Keep in mind though that Reloaderz NJ members unlock the full premier experience.

Do you sell firearms?

Yes! In addition to being a SIG SAUER master dealer and a GLOCK stocking dealer, we have over 300 firearms in stock.

Can I store my firearms or magazines at your facility?

Currently, we do not offer this service.

Can I rent a firearm alone?

Yes, but only if you possess a valid FID or are active law enforcement. Other than that we require all those seeking to rent be in groups of two (2) or more.

What are the age requirements?

In order to rent a lane, you must be 18 years of age or older.

In order to rent a long gun, you must be 18 years of age or older.

In order to rent a handgun, you must be 21 years of age or older.

The minimum age to use the range is 8 years old. Children must be supervised at all times.

Do I need a New Jersey Firearms Identification Card to use the range?

No.  However, you do need a Valid NJ Firearms Identification Card (FID) or valid state permit if you plan on coming to the range alone. No single shooters are permitted without an FID. You must be in groups of two or more. If you intend on renting, you MUST possess a valid FID OR be in a group of two (2) or more. Active Law Enforcement may shoot alone, as long as they provide valid identification. If you are active law enforcement and are carrying a weapon, please notify our staff as soon as you enter the range.

What caliber of ammunition can I use?

Rifles: Maximum Caliber is .308, most 30 Caliber is allowed, with exceptions.

Handgun: No Maximum

Shotguns: Slugs and 00 Buckshot ONLY

NO Black Powder Firearms Permitted.

We ask that you do not use reloads, armor piercing, tracers, or steel core. Everything else is fair game.

What are the specs of your range?

15 Lanes



Climate Controlled

Fully wireless target retrievers that have multiple training functions

Full LED lighting

How many shooters do you allow per lane?

The maximum number of shooters per lane is three (3).

What type of memberships do you offer?

While you’re welcome to walk in to Reloaderz NJ, members get the best experience possible. By becoming a Premier or VIP member you’ll unlock your full potential.  Please see our membership options here.

Is there a membership level for first responders?

Yes, the Premier level membership is open to everyone and Active/Retired/Veteran Law Enforcement, Military and First Responders will receive 20% off the initiation fee.  Identification Required.

Do you offer discounts for Military, Law Enforcement, or Veterans?

Yes. Our military, law enforcement and veteran discount is 10%.

Is hollowpoint ammunition permitted?

Yes, Reloaderz NJ complies with all NJ state gun laws in accordance with 2C:39.

Can I purchase a firearm on the internet or from a different facility and have it transferred?

Yes. Please see our FFL Transfer page for the most current information. There is NO WARRANTY on transferred firearms. We encourage you to check with Reloaderz NJ first to see if we can obtain a firearm for you at the same or close to the same price. A $25 storage fee will be charged for any firearm that is held over 45 days.

What is your merchandise return policy?

All ammunition, firearms, clothing and sales items are final.  No refunds or exchanges.  All other unopened and unused items in the original packaging with a receipt may be returned within 30 days of purchase. Gift cards are non-refundable.

All firearms purchased at Reloaderz NJ are typically covered by manufacturers warranty. Contact the manufacturer directly and they will guide you in their warranty process.

Can I bring my own firearms?

Yes, we allow individuals to bring their own guns, but we do ask for everyone’s safety that they are cased when entering the building.

Can I make a reservation?

We currently offer reservations to our members only. If you would like more information on becoming a member please follow this link.

How much is ammo?

Price of ammo varies depending on the caliber and how many rounds you are looking to purchase.

Who can I contact to share my Reloaderz NJ experience?

We would love to hear from you at info@reloaderznj.com or feel free to message us on any of our social media platforms. We also love hearing your feedback via Yelp, Google reviews or other review platforms!

Do you have parking?

Yes, we have plenty of free parking at our building.

What attire do you recommend?

Closed toe footwear is a requirement. Tank tops and loose-fitting clothing and shirts are not recommended as hot brass may potentially fall into your clothing. Eye and ear protection are required as well (these are available for rent at the rental counter). High heels are not recommended because of our grated floor in the range.

Can I come to your range to shoot after having a few drinks at a bar?

No. We have zero tolerance for anyone coming to the range after using drugs or alcohol. Our staff with years of law enforcement experience recognize and take this very seriously.

Do you offer firearm cleaning and repair services?

Yes. We have a gunsmith and armorer on staff who can clean, maintain, modify, and customize your firearms.

What is a ``round?``

A round is simply what some refer to as a bullet. When we refer to “50 rounds,” it is the same as 50 bullets.

Does Reloaderz NJ offer gift cards?

Yes, we offer gift cards in any amount. Please see us during business hours to purchase.

Do you offer boy scout events?

Yes, at Reloaderz NJ, our mission is to teach firearm safety. We do offer a boy scout package that includes 30 minutes of training in our classroom and 30 minutes of one-on-one training in the range. Packages start at $25 per scout. Contact our event coordinator Leanne Passalacqua Leanne.passalacqua@reloaderznj.com for more details and to schedule.

What is a pistol pass?

Our new pistol pass allows you to swap out rental firearms while renting your lane. We offer 3 levels of passes to accommodate any shooter. Please see our range rates for more information. Ammo not included in the pistol pass.

What are your rates?

Our lane rentals begin at $20 for 30 minutes $25 for 60 minutes. Firearm rentals range from $10-$30. For more detailed pricing, please visit our range rates page.

Do you offer event packages?

We do! Reloaderz NJ has hosted all kinds of events including bachelor(ette) parties, lunch and learns, networking events, neighborhood get-togethers, birthday parties, book clubs, girls night-outs, and more! Contact Leanne.passalacqua@reloaderznj.com for more information and to schedule your event in our beautiful VIP lounge or conference room.

What is a Reloaderz NJ Lifetime Access Card?

On your first visit to Reloaderz NJ, you will be required to watch our safety video and complete our waiver at our registration tablets. We then input your information and photo into our system and issue you a Reloaderz NJ lifetime access card. On each subsequent visit, you simply need to show the card when you enter, and you can move right to the rental counter and head into the range. The one-time fee for this card is $10.

Can I take photos or videos in the range?

Yes! We encourage you to enjoy your time here and you are welcome to take photos and videos as long as it is done safely. Firearms must remain pointed downrange AT ALL TIMES. Feel free to share the photos on our social media and remember to tag us! @reloaderznj

Can I holster draw?

Yes.  However, only after you have taken our Reloaderz NJ Holster Permit Class to showcase you are able to do so safely.  Active Law Enforcement may also holster draw. Identification required.

Can I bring my own instructor to the range with me?

No. For liability reasons, Reloaderz NJ does not allow outside instructors to teach in our range. Please see our training page for all the classes offered by Reloaderz University.

I am from a different state/country, can I still shoot at Reloaderz NJ?

Yes. You will need to present a valid government issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc).

Can I use my own ammo with rental firearms?

No. When using our firearms, we require that you purchase our ammo.
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