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**PLEASE READ PRIOR TO BOOKING ANY CLASS** In light of the new conceal carry requirements, we have and will be releasing classes as per the most current NJSP guidelines at the time of booking. If for any reason these requirements become stricter or lenient in the future, Reloaderz NJ will not be held liable for any class you’ve taken prior to the release of the new guidelines. Please keep this in mind when booking as the guidelines and requirements are changing daily. Reloaderz NJ reserves the right to amend any class at any time without notice.


Firearm Fundamentals

Our two (2) hour Firearm Fundamentals course is designed with the first-time shooter in mind. Although, anyone with an interest in an in-depth, private one-on-one firearm training session should register for this course. Paired with one of our certified instructors the student will learn all of the skills and knowledge necessary to safely own and operate a firearm. Available in the discipline of your choosing; Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun.

NSSF First Shots

First Shots, created by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), is a group event that introduces first time shooters to the safe and recreational use of firearms.  This event will include classroom and range activity uniquely designed to eliminate any anxieties the shooter may have.  We strive to deliver a relaxed, fun and educational experience that will allow you to leave Reloaderz NJ feeling confident in your abilities and ready to take your shooting knowledge to the next level.

Proper Firearm Storage and Transportation

Knowing the laws is half the battle, following them is the other half. In our 90-Minute class we will cover all of the New Jersey transportation and storage laws while reserving time for an extensive Q&A. If you just purchased a firearm or need a refresher, this is the course for you.


Drawing from the Holster

Reloaderz NJ is happy to train our customers to safely draw from the holster. Any customer may take this course to become more proficient in this ability.  If a customer would like to unlock that benefit while on the range, a qualification will take place after each class.

Detailed Firearm Cleaning

During the one (1) hour cleaning class, our Gunsmith will instruct you on how to safely and properly clean your firearm so it is ready for it’s next use. We will cover nomenclature, field stripping and more.

Women ONLY

Ladies First… on Firearms

This introductory handgun course was designed specifically for women. Join USCCA Instructor and The Well Armed Woman chapter leader, Jackie Reid, for an educational and empowering course.


NJ RPO | Retired Police Officer Qualification to Carry

Complete your RPO qualification at Reloaderz NJ along with the paperwork required. We will guide you throughout the entire process. Become a Reloaderz NJ Premier Member today to gain two (2) FREE, RPO qualifications per year.

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