Our Facility

When you visit Reloaderz NJ, we want you to feel safe while drawing upon the “premier experience.” To achieve this, we have designed our state-of-the-art climate controlled facility with your utmost safety and convenience in mind. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will keep you informed and safe at all times to ensure you enjoy the best possible experience.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Our 15-lane, 25-yard climate-controlled range is designed to exceed all EPA, OSHA, NIOSH, NRA, and NSSF guidelines. It is also equipped with the latest AWD PRO™ system from Action Target™. We offer 27 games and scenarios to choose from to keep you engaged and focused on training and enjoyment.

iPad Stations

Create your customer profile and sign our waiver all with the touch of a button from any one of our iPad stations.

Concierge Service

Whether you’re a first-timer or a returning visitor, a member, or a VIP, your needs will be addressed promptly by our friendly and dedicated concierge staff.

Hassle-Free Lane & Firearm Rental

With your Lifetime Access Card in hand, you will be able to spend less time waiting and more time shooting. Once your account has been activated, you will proceed directly to the rental lane, eliminating the need to fill out annoying paperwork every time you visit. Our members gain access to our Members Only lane for even faster lane rental.

Extensive Rental Inventory

We have a wide variety of options to choose from to help take the guesswork out of your training needs.

NRA-Trained Range Safety Officers

To ensure all rules and safety protocols are followed, all of our Range Safety Officers are certified by the NRA. Along with enforcing our SOPs, the Range Safety Officers can assist you in all of your training needs. Their top priority is your safe enjoyment of our facility.

Visitor’s Lounge

Our lounge is equipped with TVs, sofas, fresh vending options, and range viewing windows to make your wait, if any, as comfortable as possible.

A Step Above – The VIP Experience

Become a VIP member today and unlock the full Reloaderz NJ experience. Some exclusives include; a VIP lounge, Exclusive VIP entrance, VIP restroom, and a dedicated VIP conference area with conference table.


Enjoy free WiFi while visiting us at Reloaderz NJ.


12 feet-per-second, 360 degree full motion targets, and over 27 engaging and challenging drills will keep you on your toes. Wireless functionality allows you to keep training longer with less maintenance.

Touch screen

The AWD’s user interface is the most intuitive and engaging on the market. Anyone can easily operate even the most complex features with little to no assistance. Users are able to control their shooting distance, stall lighting, target lighting, target behavior, time drills, and more.

Dynamic Target Behavior

Turn, peak, charge, hostage drills, spin, magazine reload, decision making, and accuracy are just some of the features the AWD PRO has to offer. In conjunction with the Pistol and Rifle Qualification scenarios, you will run out of time before you run out of options. The included FBI training drills will ensure you train with the best of them.


Private, safe, and efficient are how we describe our shooting stalls. Designed to be UL 752 and EN 1063 compliant, these will give you peace of mind when training.

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