FFL Transfers

Here at Reloaderz NJ, we appreciate your desire to shop around for the best price available. If we are unable to match the price of a firearm and you find it less expensive somewhere else, we encourage you to make the purchase. New Jersey requires all handguns purchased from a non-dealer, be transferred to a dealer holding an FFL.

Here’s the process.

  1.  Inform us of your purchase and get us the dealer information. We will fax our FFL information to the dealer as soon as possible to streamline you getting your new firearm.
  2.  Once the firearm is in our possession we will ensure it complies with all New Jersey State Gun Laws and then call you in to complete the process.
  3.  Make sure to bring your FID, Pistol Permit, and License. ALL ADDRESSES MUST MATCH OR WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COMPLETE THE TRANSFER.
  4.  Complete the NICS Check and required paperwork.
  5.  Enjoy your new firearm.

Our Transfer Fee







Reloaderz NJ Transfer Bonus!

Transfer any firearm to our facility and enjoy a complimentary 30 minute session in our range.*

*Must purchase one box of ammo and use the session on the same day of purchase. Weekdays only.

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