summer poker pistol league


Welcome to the most fun you’ve had all summer. With five (5) matches the Summer Poker Pistol League will keep you busy and asking for more. Open to shooters 13yo+, HANDGUNS ONLY .22LR – .40 and all optics permitted (NO Lasers).

Course of Fire…

  • Each round all shooters will fire, 5 rounds at their target.
  • The highest hand wins, a tie is considered a push.
  • The last shooter to finish firing all 5 shots will be on the chopping block, if their hand does not beat any other hand they will be eliminated from the match.
  • To “ante” for a round, each shooter must purchase a target.
  • Only shooters who participate in all rounds will be eligible to win.


  • First Place will receive 10 points
  • Second Place will receive 8 points
  • Third Place will receive 5 points
  • Forth Place to Last Place will receive 2 points
  • The shooter with the highest overall points amount will win the match.
  • The winner of the season will be the shooter with the highest points total across all matches.


Organizational MeetingJuly27Monday6:00 pm
Match 1August03Monday6:00 pm
Match 2August10Monday6:00 pm
Match 3August17Monday6:00 pm
Match 4August24Monday6:00 pm
Match 5August31Monday6:00 pm
TournamentSeptember7Monday6:00 pm
Potluck & AwardsSeptember13Sunday6:00 pm

Potluck and awards

The season ending potluck and award ceremony will be held on Sunday – September 13th, 2020 at 6:00 pm. Bring one hot/cold dish and enjoy what others have brought. Awards will be handed out for a variety of categories; Top Shot, Highest Aggregate, Most Improved, Closest Call and many more! The overall winner of each league will receive their name on a plaque that will be prominently displayed for everyone to see.


  • Open to safe and responsible shooters, ages 13 and older, who have a completed waiver on file and a valid Lifetime Access Card.
  • Matches and Tournament with league meeting starts at 6:00 pm.
  • League Registration Cost: $199 for the entire season and an additional $1.99 per target
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