Range Rules

Safety is our number one priority; please familiarize yourself with our rules. The following rules will be enforced at all times while in the Reloaderz NJ Facility


  1. No Smoking on Reloaderz NJ property.
  2. All guests must obey Reloaderz NJ Staff at all times.
  3. No guest will be allowed into the range if they are found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  4. All guests that do not possess a valid state firearm ID card must be in groups of two (2) or more. Maximum number guests per lane is limited to three (3). No spectators are permitted inside of the lane. All guests wishing to rent a firearm MUST be in groups of two (2) or more.
  5. Unsafe handling of firearms will not be permitted.
  6. No rapid fire will be permitted, allow at least one (1) second in between shots.
  7. Any guest seeking to rent a long gun must be 18 years of age or older. Any guest seeking to rent a handgun must be 21 years of age or older.
  8. All guests that bring their own equipment are subject to approval by the range officer. Any firearms or ammunition found to be unsafe or prohibited will not be allowed in the range.
  9. All firearms, magazines, and “speed loaders” entering or exiting the building must be unloaded and properly secured in a locked container.
  10. Eye and ear protection must be on before entering the range and is not to be removed at any time until you exit the range. Clear/Amber eye protection ONLY.
  11. Guests must only shoot at their target; if found shooting at another lane you will be removed from the range immediately. The minimum target size is 24” x 24”.
  12. Head-shots shall not be at a distance of less than 15 yards.
  13. Holster privileges are reserved for customers who have completed the Reloaderz NJ holster course.
  14. In addition to these range rules, these particular rules must be followed or you will be removed from the range without a refund:
    1. Know how to safely operate the firearm you are holding.
    2. Keep your finger off of the trigger until ready to fire.
    3. All firearms must be aimed down range at all times.
    4. All firearms must be loaded and unloaded at the firing line.
    5. No firearm is to leave the firing line outside of a carrying case.
    6. Only use the correct ammunition for the specific firearm you are handling.
    7. Any malfunctioning firearms due to ammunition error or failure are to be placed on the range table, aiming down range, and the shooter must signal the range officer.
  15. Permitted Calibers
    1. Pistol (.22 through .50 AE)
    2. Rifle (.223 through 30-06)
    3. Shotgun (Slug and 00 Buckshot Only)
  16. Prohibited Ammunition
    1. Tracer
    2. Incendiary
    3. Armor Piercing
    4. Steel Core/Case
    5. Bird Shot
  17. Reloaderz NJ is not liable for any damage incurred by the use of the incorrect ammunition. You are responsible.
  18. No refunds or rain checks due to wait times or ejection.
  19. All rental firearms must use ammunition purchased from Reloaderz NJ at the time of rental.
  20. If a CEASE FIRE is called, place firearms on the shooting table immediately and step back from the firing line.
  21. If you are prohibited from legally possessing a firearm we will be unable to rent to you. This includes but is not limited too:
    1. Convicted Felons.
    2. A past or current user of drugs or alcohol.
    3. A fugitive from justice.
    4. Have ever been adjudicated a mental defective or committed to a mental institution.
    5. Convicted of the crime of Domestic Violence.
    6. Registered Sex Offender.
    7. Being issued a Medical Marijuana Card